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LPM Racing Pigeon Stud

I have now been suppling quality racing pigeons to fanciers Australia wide for the past 18 years, having first started in 2002 with many outstanding results being reported each year since.

I have left no stone unturned in my quest to secure many of the best bloodlines available today. The passing of the late Keith Saggers gave me an opportunity to acquire what many would arguably agree are pigeons of the highest quality. Champion producers such as the Silver Shadow Cock "66" along with the great Smeulders Janssen cock "Thunderbolt". These two cocks alone having been responsible for countless winners across the country, wherever pigeons are raced.

To these you can add some of the best performed Staf Van Reet and more recently many Ray Hunt (Planet Bro) Van Loons, birds that have stood the test of time over the past 30 years, probably the most versatile imports ever.

I am not letting the grass grow beneath my feet in the search for new bloodlines to supply the demand from Australian fanciers. On a recent trip to the UK and Europe in 2013 I made visits to many of the most successful lofts, from small individual set-ups to the large commercial studs, searching for pigeons that have been successful at the highest level and that would be suitable to race under Australian conditions.

As a result of my search I am pleased to say that in coming months I will have some incredible new birds to add to the lofts of LPM Stud. These include the highly rated and successful birds from the British fancier Nigel Laycock, birds directly related to his current Soontjen champions that include "Gold Dream" responsible for untold winners in the UK, down off birds directly acquired from Jos Soontjen. Along with these will be off spring from Greenfields Stud - Ponderosa (Eijerkamp & Sons) direct off some of their best Herman/Cuesters. Also in this draft will be several new Silver Shadows bred especially for me off their current champions.

In a follow up draft from Nigel Laycock will be birds directly related to his latest champion "Northern Bound" bred down off the champion Belgium fancier Eric Limbourg's "Black Opium" Along with the much sort after bloodlines of Eric Ceuleman.

These will be birds not to be missed by any fancier wishing to be at the top of his club and/or federation.

LPM Stud will continue to seek out the best birds available and making them affordable to all fanciers.

As of January 2020 I will be visiting the Blackpool Show in England and visiting top fanciers in Ireland where hopefully I will be able to secure further top class birds for importation into Australia within the near future.

Phil Murphy.

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